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Bingo just got a makeover! Grab your friends and family for an unforgettable night out or in and book your Drag Queen Bingo in Toronto to come to you.

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Bingo just got a makeover! Grab your friends and family for an unforgettable night out or in and book your Drag Queen Bingo in Toronto to come to you. Drag Queen Bingo infuses the classic game of bingo with the exciting and enriching world of drag queens, implementing a heightened level of amusement and comedy for everyone to enjoy. Imagine watching a drag race, only now you are the one competing! Undoubtedly it is an experience not to be missed! Not only is the game exciting to play and to be a part of, but participants are also treated to amazing drag queen humor, performances, and hilarious zingers and one liner from the best drag queens the industry has to offer. It’s your private drag bingo party and you create the prizes you want the winners of the fabulous game to receive. This is the kind of drag bingo that would make grandma jealous. So, what are you waiting for?! If you’re looking to book a private drag bingo party in Toronto or anywhere in the world for that matter, it’s as simple as 123. Click the link below to book or give us a call for more details, and let’s get ready to have the night of your life!

Drag Queen Bingo

As the unique game of bingo has continued to evolve there has been a new and exciting interpretation of the game that people cannot get enough of, which is none other than drag queen bingo. To put it in simple terms, drag queen bingo is not your typical bingo game, drag bingo is where a drag queen performs and calls out the numbers that the players are trying to fill in on their cards. However, it is much more than it seems, people of all ages, races, sexual orientations and genders love drag queen bingo for the simple reason of how fun it is. The drag queen who is hosting gets everyone involved in the game in a funny, exciting, and loving experience for everyone to enjoy. The game on one side is great for a family outing and on another is great for an amazing night out, with drinks, food, music, and good energy all around. As well as that the drag queens make playful jokes with some of the guests, which makes the show that much more exciting and exhilarating. Overall, drag queen bingo is great for companies, friend groups, and all kinds of people, and let’s not forget, we can all enjoy a little drag queen humor and performances!

The History of Bingo

The original bingo game can be traced all the way back to the 1530s in Italy where the Italian citizens played a very similar game to bingo called “lotto”. The primary difference between lotto and the game that we know and love today, was that different to bingo boards, lotto boards were rectangular with three squares down and nine squares across for a total of 27 squares on the board. As lotto became more popular in the 19th century the game had eventually spread throughout Europe, where many of the games were advertised as educational games.

Bingo did not become popular in the United States until around 1929, when a traveling Toronto, CA salesman named Edward S. Lowe attended a carnival as he passed through Georgia. As Lowe walked through the carnival, he noticed a crowd of people playing a game with a hand stamped board and beans, he learned that the intriguing game was named “Beano”. When Lowe returned to Toronto, CA he started experimenting with the beano boards using numerical combinations, and then invited his friends to try out the game. Rumor has it that while Lowe and his friends played the game one of his friends accidentally yelled out “Bingo” instead of “beano” after winning a combination of numbers, and the new name has stuck ever since.

Shortly thereafter in the early 1930s, Lowe started manufacturing his own bingo boards with the help of a retired mathematician who was given the task to come up with 6,000 different number combinations for the boards. Once the boards were successfully completed and Lowe started selling them, bingo quickly rose in popularity, mainly being used at church events, fundraisers, and throughout communities. Till this day bingo is still one of the most popular gambling games played, which is pretty impressive considering that it originated around 490 years ago and has been prevalent in America since the 1930s.


The typical timeframe allotted for a Toronto Drag Bingo Party is 2 hours and that would be from start to finish.

Yes, the drag queen will do a performance as well as facilitate the drag bingo party!

Yes, simply add-on another drag performer on the booking form when booking.

Yes, in Toronto you can hire a drag queen without the supplies and provide your own bingo supplies.

Bingo cards, blotters, the bingo balls and bino cage that spins the bingo balls and of course, your fabulous drag queen!

No party or event is to large or to small, if there are 5 guests or 500, we have everything you need (supplies, drag queens and knowhow) to execute your drag bingo successfully.

Why People Go and How It Has Evolved

The game of bingo may seem simple at first glance, but the game continues to reinvent itself to meet everyone's interests and tastes. As time goes on, the game has even continued to grow in popularity in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, by the playing of bingo games via zoom and even on the street so that people can stay socially distanced and continue to play the game that they love. There is even a form of bingo that is called “playing bingo with friends” where people watch movies together over streaming platforms and have live chats, with the noting of famous phrases and lines that one should expect to hear in the film that they are watching, instead of numbers. To put it simply, people just cannot seem to get enough. Another amazing aspect about the game is how it brings friends and family together all working together for a common goal. The game is a great social experience and there are numerous stories of families and friends who cherish their time playing bingo together as they see it as a great bonding experience. Not only is the game great for friends and family it is also great in the fact of meeting new people and putting yourself out there.